November 29, 2015 – Philadelphia Inquirer article


Following our return from our most recent adventure in Tanzania, Penn Medicine communications department put me in touch with a writer from the Philadelphia Inquirer who found our work there very interesting. Charlotte Sutton, who writes a regular column on medical mysteries asked if I had any interesting patient stories and I sent her something I had written a year or so ago about Roza, our young girl with Syndenham’s chorea. She then asked for additional photos followed by questions about what each photo was depicting. Without a clue of what to expect, Charlotte and her designer, Cynthia Greer, did an amazing job with what I had submitted to them. Pretty crazy to have gotten my own byline in the Inquirer. In addition to Charlotte and Cynthia, I also have Lee-Ann Donegan from Penn Medicine Communications to thank for this wonderful commentary on our work. And to my Penn Neurology residents and fellows who have accompanied me on these journeys, Danielle Becker (who just completed her third trip to FAME), the Penn Neurology department and all those who have supported me in this endeavor I owe a huge debt of gratitude for making this all possible….

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    Wow! Congratulations, Michael!

    You do such good works for others. It is right and fitting that you should be recognized for it.

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